My favorite yarn cakes

    Since a few months I see them everywhere on Instagram: colorful yarn cakes. Many brands jumped on the bandwagon and started selling beautiful color combinations. Most yarn cakes have a length between 700m and 1000m which is enough yarn for one big project. For example, I only used one yarn cake for this big southbay shawlette and one yarn cake for this Sophieโ€™s Garden XXL pillow.

    Yarn on picture: CottonFlowersYarns. These are 3ply and length 1000m.

    What I like most about yarn cakes is the subtle colors change. This creates a stunning effect on the final piece of work. In general yarn cakes are quite expensive, most of them are about $20 each, but as you will only need one cake for one project – and considering the amazing color change effect-, I definitely find it worth the money!

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    Sophie’s Garden XXL pillow

    I am so in love with the beautiful Sophie’s Garden pattern. The pattern was launched as a CAL (crochet-along) and started on the 18th of January 2015. For a time span of 20 weeks, every day a part of the pattern was published. Even though the crochet-along has now finished, the instructions will remain available (for free).

    Pattern: Sophie’s Garden. I used row 1 – 36 from this pattern. After that, I made up my own rows to make the pillow bigger and completely use one yarn cake. You can find my instructions for the last part at the end of this article below the pictures.
    Yarn: CottonFlowersYarns (I used 3ply, 1000m). P.s. the shop currently has free shipping worldwide, so also no shipping costs to the USA ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last year my mother made four Sophie’s Garden pillows in different colors. She gave them away as a gift. Two months ago we decided to make another Sophie’s Garden pillow with the yarn cake I ordered from CottonFlowersYarns. This yarn cake perfectly matches with my mom’s couches which are yellow and pink/red-ish. As the yarn cake has more yarn length than the pattern asks for, we added a few more rounds make the pillow bigger. Below the pictures you can find the ‘pattern’ of the extra rows we’ve added to increase the pillow. We’ve used exactly one yarn cake.
    Sophie's Garden pillow XXL Crochet
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