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  • Free crochet pattern bracelet

    Bracelet video tutorial

    Finally I was able to make a video tutorial of one of my first patterns: the crochet bracelet! It’s a short video, only 5 minutes, and it’s very easy and fast…

  • Crochet cupcake stitch border free pattern

    Cupcake stitch

    Last year I came across a blanket design that used a cupcake stitch for the border. I always kept this cute border in mind for future projects. Today I finally had…

  • lovely heart hats free crochet pattern

    Lovely heart (bun) hat

    Here you can find my free crochet pattern of the Lovely heart hat with normal crochet stitches. This hat is great for Valentineโ€™s Day. I have two versions of this lovely…

  • lovely heart knit hat free crochet pattern

    Lovely Heart Hat (knit stitch version)

    Here you can find a free crochet pattern for a heart hat. The stitch is called a crochet knit stitch, or waiststitch, or central crochet stitch, and really looks knitted.…

  • Crochet pattern frozen winter bun hat

    Frozen winter bun hat

    This weekend I wanted to make a hat that would be perfect for the winter. Normally I donโ€™t really wear hats, but when I came across the extreme drop stitch, I…

  • Puff stitch bun hat crochet pattern

    Puff stitch bun hat

    So while I was working on a normal puff stitch hat, I saw the ‘new’ thing called a bun hat. It’s like a normal hat, but then without finishing off the…