10 free crochet baby patterns for shower gift ideas

Babies are so much fun to crochet for. Whether you want to make something as a baby shower gift or just want to work on a project while you’re pregnant: you need these super cute free baby crochet patterns!

Most (going to be) mothers appreciate handmade gifts, so I always make something for friends and family who are expecting. My most favorite crochet baby shower gift is the bunny teething ring, I’ve made at least 5 of ‘em already and I’m working on two as we speak.

The last three years I came across many other amazing free baby crochet patterns. I decided to round them up to give you some inspiration for your next baby shower.

And the best part is: all patterns are free! To get the free patterns, just click on the title or photo. If you are interested in more free crochet patterns, see my other roundups here.

1. Baby teething ring with bunny ears by Ilse Kleijer
Definitely one of my favorite baby patterns out there. They work up very quick which is great if you don’t have much time but still want to make something.Teething ring with bunny ears by Ilse Kleijer - free baby crochet patterns

2. Funny Breastfeeding Hat by Wilmade
Maybe not a gift you can make for every mom, I mean, you have to like this kind of jokes. But my auntie LOVED this hat that looks like a breast! When she showed the hat to her friends, many asked me to make one for them as well.

Breastfeeding hat boobie beanie - free baby crochet patterns

3. Animal Taggy Blanket by Kate Eastwood
How cute are these baby lovies!?

Animal Taggy Blanket by Kate Eastwood - free baby crochet patterns

4. Cute elephant by AllAboutAmi
This adorable elephant plushie makes great decoration for a baby room! If you know the color of the babyroom, you can make a matching elephant!

cute baby elephant by allaboutami - free baby crochet patterns

5. Lacy Stripes Blanket in Bernat Softee Baby Solids
Look at that cute blanket! Love the stitch that is used here.Lacy Stripes Blanket in Bernat Softee Baby Solids - free baby crochet patterns by bernat design studio

6. Baby’s Booties in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids
These booties are super cute and easy to make!

Baby's Booties in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Solids - free baby crochet patterns

7. Little Baby Pee Playsuit by Red Heart
This bee outfit is so cute! Not only for pictures, but also to play in.

Little Baby Bee Playsuit & Hat Redheart - free baby crochet patterns

8. Baby’s Blocks in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Solids
These Baby’s blocks are soft to play with and look great in a baby room as decoration!

Baby's Blocks in Lily Sugar 'n Cream Solids - free baby crochet patterns

9. Amish Puzzle Ball by Dedri Uys
A unique, fun toy to give. I made one in the same colors as the babyroom and the mother loved it! The ball exists of three separate parts (each containing four wedges) which then have to be re-assembled to form the ball.

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball look at what i made - free baby crochet patterns

10. Newborn Set Teddy Bear by Katy Ramil Krampolinka
This newborn set is so cute! It looks so fluffy too!

Newborn Set Teddy Bear by Katy Ramil Krampolinka - free baby crochet patterns

I hope this roundup with free baby crochet patterns have inspired you for your next baby shower gift project! If you need more inspiration for your next project, check out my other roundups here including 10 free crochet patterns for summer, spring, Mother’s Day and projects you can make with granny squares.

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    26 July 2021 at 1:57 am

    Thank u this is the only pattern that is actually for a newborn to 3 months it looks adorable…thank you so much

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    Dirceu mendes
    20 February 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Muuito lindo!! Pena não ter a receita.

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    14 February 2018 at 4:17 pm

    Just wanted you to know your baby bee playset, says baby Pee. Just thought you would want to know.

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