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10 free crochet shawls for summer

Lately I’ve been making many crochet shawls for summer. I found some amazing patterns which I want to share with you.

Below you can find 10 free patterns for crochet shawls for summer. I tried to select many new patterns which have been published the last few months. And the best part is: all patterns are free!

I personally love making shawls with so-called yarn cakes which are light weight and have a beautiful gradient effect. Using light weight yarn takes you longer to finish a shawl, but at the same time the shawl will turn out better with an amazing drape. Yarn cakes are perfect to use for summer projects!

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1. Ana Lucia Shawl by Wilmade
The Ana Lucia Shawl is made with 1 yarn cake and has some beautiful details. The pattern is simple: you only need to repeat ten rows five times! The shawl is made out of double crochet stitches and variations of this stitch.
Ana Lucia Shawl by Wilmade - a free crochet shawl pattern

2. Love Knot Scarf by Carolyn Calderon
The Love Knot Scarf is very lacy and delicate looking. It looks loopy and knotted resembling diamond shapes. With beautiful pastel colors it’s perfect for summer!
Love Knot Scarf by Carolyn Calderon - crochet shawls for summer

3. Lovely Luisa Shawl by Wilmade
The Lovely Luisa Shawl is a simple pattern made with only two stitches: double crochet stitches and a modified version of the spike stitch. The border is made out of cute little hearts, making it a perfect shawl for Valentine’s Day too.
Lovely Luisa Shawl back view - free crochet shawl pattern by Wilmade

Other shawl patterns you might like

4. Flora and Fauna Shawl by Jennifer Dickerson
The Flora and Fauna Shawl is a rectangular wrap made with the fan stitch. With the pretty on-trend fringes it gives a bohemian festival look, perfect for summer!
Flora and Fauna shawl by Fiber Flux - crochet shawls for summer

5. Joyful Josie Shawl by Wilmade
The Joyful Josie Shawl is a very easy pattern and great for beginners. It has a round shawl and is made with single crochet and double crochet stitches.
Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free crochet round shawl pattern

6. Tender Celeste Shawl by Kristin Omdahl
The Tender Celeste shawl is a super simple and easy to memorize top down crochet shawl. Kristin originally used worsted weight yarn, but with fingering yarn this would be a perfect shawl for summer as well!
Tender Celeste by Kiristin Omdahl - crochet shawls for summer

7. Lacy Scarf by Jessica Underwood
This Lacy Scarf is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is repeat the so-called shell stitch, which is made out of double crochet stitches. Easy and perfect for summer!
Lacy scarf by Jessica Underwood - crochet shawls for summer

8. Bluebonnet Shawl by Marly Bird
The Bluebonnet Shawl is a beautiful shawl that can be worn wrapped around the shoulders. The edge has some beautiful details to give it a final touch. Perfect for breezy summer nights!
Blue Bonnet Shawl by Marly Bird - crochet shawls for summer

9. Crochet Ocean Tides wrap by Maz Kwok
The Crochet Ocean Tides wrap is a perfect shawl to go with your neutral and basic outfits. It’s made with the chevron crochet stitch and can be worn as a scarf or dress by adding a cute little belt (absolutely love it!). Perfect for beaches and summers!
Ocean Tides Wrap by Maz Kwok - crochet shawls for summer

10. Flower Motif Wrap by Kim Guzman
I really had to share this beautiful Flower Motif Wrap originally published bij Caron. Kim Guzman got permission to share the pattern on Ravelry for FREE! The shawl is made out of squares and twisted fringes. I’m in love with the beautiful flower texture! Making this shawl with lacy yarn would make it perfect for summers.
Flower Motif Wrap by Kim Guzman and Caron - crochet shawls for summer

That’s it! I hope this roundup with crochet shawls for summer have inspired you for your next project. If you need more inspiration for your next project, check out my other roundups here including 10 free crochet patterns for spring, Mother’s Day, baby showers and projects you can make with granny squares.

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