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Hi! My name is Wilma and I am 23 years old. I live on the border of Germany and the Netherlands, but originally I am Dutch. At this moment I am studying for a master specialized in New Media at the University of Twente. Next to that, I work parttime at a biotech company in the Netherlands.

My first creation

My first creation

I grew up with a mother who crochets, knits and embroiders. Also my grandmothers and aunts are active crafters. With such a creative family I could not stay behind. December 2014 my grandmother sent me pictures via WhatsApp of her handmade Christmas trees. They were lovely! I decided to start learning crocheting and make some of these cute christmas trees. The next day I bought yarn together with my mom as I did not even know the difference between cotton and acrylic. With my mother’s hook I started crocheting.

After finishing four Christmas trees it was time for a bigger challenge. I found beatiful patterns of Minions which I wanted to make. Luckily I had two weeks of free time since the Christmas break had just begun. My addiction to crocheting was born.

June 2015 I started joining crochet communities on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. I admire crafters who make their own patterns and books, especially when they make their patterns available for free. As a starter I made a lot of use of free crochet patterns on blogs. Now that I have more experience, I want to inspire other crafters by giving advice and where possible share free crochet patterns.

My free crochet time is limited because I am currently very busy with my study and work. I try to finish projects on a weekly basis.