Bella Vita Shawl – pattern update!

Bella Vita Shawl free crochet pattern

Yarn: CottonFlowersYarns, 1000m 3ply*
*note: unfortunately the shop that sells the yarn I used is offline for a few weeks. I have searched on Etsy for similar yarn and colors and advice this yarn (select option 1000 yards which is almost the same length as the cake I used).

Pattern: Bella Vita Shawl

Two months ago mom and I shared our very first shawl pattern: the Bella Vita Shawl which my mother made herself with one of the color changing yarn cakes. It was a big success: many of you liked, commented, shared and wanted to make the same shawl. We got so many kind comments, thank you all so much for your support. We really felt rewarded for the amount of time and energy we put in writing and sharing the pattern. It was a blast reading so many kind words and it encouraged us to continue making shawls and patterns. We – and especially mom – were overwhelmed by all the love and gratitude you showed us.

It was our first shawl pattern and although we tried to make the pattern as easy as possible, we noticed it was still way too complex. We received many questions about the counting and it seemed that rows were not ending like it should end. We felt really frustrated because some of you were spending time and yarn on our pattern but had to unravel the project because the pattern was too complicated to understand.

We decided to get another yarn cake and make a second version of the Bella Vita Shawl, which looks exactly the same but is easier to read. And of course we tried to fix all the mistakes this time. Mom did all the crochet work while I was working on the pattern. We wanted to finish the pattern within 2 days, but it seemed to be way more work than we expected and it took us 2 weeks in total.

So here it is, the updated version of the Bella Vita Shawl. Below you can find some pictures of the second shawl mom made, again with such pretty colors! Thanks for your patience and support and we are really sorry for any inconvenience.

How it looks from the back
bella vita shawl crochet pattern

Pretty mommy with her pretty shawl
bella vita shawl crochet pattern

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