Canadian patriotic hat

Canadian patriotic hat free canada hat pattern crochet

Last month my fiancé and I visited the Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. I decided to make a Canada hat pattern for this occasion. Luckily for me I didn’t have to do much work creating a new Canada hat pattern, because I already had a similar pattern ready.

I used my Leafly Autumn Hat pattern to create a Canadian Patriotic hat. All I needed to do was changing some colors. I really love how this hat has endless possibilities!

And you know what? I think this Canada hat pattern is also great for the Olympic Games that have started a few days ago. Show your support to the Canadian team by wearing this hat!


Oh, and what about Canada Day on July 1st? This hat will be perfect for the annual holiday that celebrates Canada’s 1867 Confederation and establishment of dominion status.

If you like, you can add a pom pom on top. I personally made a pom pom with yarn but you can also use a faux pom pom. Or you can just wear the hat without pom pom. It will look great both ways.

Canada Hat pattern

I used my Leafly Autumn Hat pattern for the Canadian patriotic hat version. All I did was changing the colors to white and red. I used Lionbrand Vanna’s Choice and needed 1 red and 1 white skein.

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It’s a fun hat to make with multi purposes. If you make one, please tag or mention me on Instagram @wilmawestenberg, I’d love to see how your hat turned out!

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    sheri mckenzie
    17 August 2018 at 6:21 pm

    Mrs wilma I enjoy your hats but I’m having a problem with one. the frozen winter hat.It said attach the white and do 4 sc increase in stitch and one singe in the next stitch.In that row do start off with one single crochert and the 4 sc increase inthe 4 next stitchs.Do i crochet in the rib stitches going across to? Could you tell me how to do that row.

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