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  • Meeting Josie who has the same rare condition

    Meeting Josie (10) in Kansas City

    Hi all, In my previous blog post I mentioned that I met people with the same rare condition. The last two months I have met five people while staying in the…

  • Wilma Westenberg is a crochet designer and shares free crochet patterns

    Personal update: meet the maker

    Hi all, Today I want to share something very personal I have never really talked about before. Not that it’s a secret or anything; I just didn’t really have a reason…

  • We are going to Vogue Knitting Live in New York USA

    Personal update: we’re going to the USA!

    2018 is going to be an exciting year with many changes I am looking forward to. Also regarding traveling. After months of preparations I can finally share our plans: Koen (my boyfriend) and I are going…