Thanksgiving Turkey purse

    Thanksgiving purse free crochet pattern

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Hope you have a great day with your loved ones. Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe. It would be so great to celebrate Thanksgiving while being in the USA one day. I can only imagine how it feels like to gather with family and eat turkey all day.. hmmm!

    Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here, I decided to make this funny turkey (or is it chicken?) purse for my boyfriend who LOVES chicken. Really, last week he ate chicken at least 3 times. So when I came across this chicken purse on Pinterest, I knew I really had to make one for him. It has been on my to do list for a while, but I really wanted to finish it before Thanksgiving. I finished the purse in 1 day, it’s an easy project that works up fast. Continue Reading

    Leafly autumn hat

    My latest design: the Leafly autumn hat! When I made my third Frozen winter (bun) hat last year, I noticed the extreme drop stitch looks like a leaf upside down. Especially when you use a brown color. So I decided to reverse the pattern, starting from the top working to the bottom, to make an autumn version of my Frozen Winter hat! I love how one stitch can be used for different seasonal projects. Continue Reading

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    Never ending shawl

    I made another crochet shawl! Again I used a pretty yarn cake. Actually no matter what crochet shawl you make, every shawl will turn out great with yarn cakes that change…

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    Crochet raindrop

    Earlier this year I made a baby mobile for a beautiful baby girl. Her mother, my friend from university, asked me to make one with colored raindrops. Before I start a…

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    My very first yarn cake giveaway!

    We have a lucky winner! Kerry Taylor (@hookerry_crochet), the yarn cake will come your way! Thanks to all who participated, you made my first giveaway a bigger success than I hoped…

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    Pom Pom Happiness Shawl

    After making her first shawl one month ago, my mother immediately started working on a second shawl with another yarn cake (blue-green-yellow). This cake was a bit smaller than the first…