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1 stitch = 4 unique hat designs!

In 2016 I discovered the extreme drop stitch and immediately fell in love. I saw so many possibilities by simply changing the color. I created my first crochet hat pattern using this stitch in 2016: the Frozen Winter (bun) hat. After its’ big success, I continued to make hats with the same stitch, but different themes. So far I’ve created 4 extreme drop stitch hat designs which you can find below. All patterns are available for free here on my website!

extreme drop stitch hats

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Frozen Winter Hat

The perfect winter hat for everyone. ❄ By using blue yarn, the extreme drop stitch will look like ice which can be used for a unique winter hat. Click here for my free pattern.

Frozen winter bun hat crochet

Fire Flame hat

A unique hat for firefighters and kids. 🔥🚒👩‍🚒 This would make such a perfect gift for your local fire department or friends who are firefighters. This pattern comes in different sizes including kids. You can find my free pattern here.

Fire Flame Hat - free crochet pattern - great crochet hat for kids

Leafly Autumn Hat

By working the extreme drop stitch upside down and using brown colors, you’ll get a unique stitch that looks like leafs! Perfect for fall 🍂🍁 Here you can find my free pattern.

Leafly autumn hat free crochet pattern

Canada hat for Canadians & travelers

I figured that by using a red color, my Leafly Autumn Hat looks like a perfect Canada hat! This hat is perfect to make for your upcoming trip to Canada or if you’re Canadian yourself.

Canadian patriotic hat free canada hat pattern crochet

Extreme drop stitch hats by Wilmade

Isn’t it amazing how one stitch can resemble so many different themes? I hope this roundup of extreme drop stitch hats have inspired you. If you need more inspiration for your next project, check out my other roundups here including 10 free crochet patterns for summer, spring, Mother’s Day, baby showers.

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