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Faux Fur Hooded Infinity Scarf

Crochet this warm, fluffy and stylish accessory which is a scarf and hoodie in one! The hoodie can be worn up and down and keeps both your neck and ears warm. It’s completely made with single crochet stitches and thanks to the bulky weight faux fur yarn it works up super fast in just a few hours. Scroll down for my free crochet pattern and make your own hooded infinity scarf with faux fur yarn!

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Faux fur hooded infinity scarf with Lionbrand Faux fur yarn Go For Faux and Katia Polar

About the design

Instead of starting with the hoodie, I decided to start with the scarf. This way you can still use it as a scarf in case you decide to not add a hoodie (why would you, tho😂). Also, another benefit is that you can easily change the size of the hoodie if you want it bigger or smaller. Length of the scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck 2 times, but can easily be adjusted.

Faux fur hooded infinity scarf with lionbrand go for faux katia polar

About the pattern

This hooded infinity scarf is completely made with single crochet stitches. We’ll start working on the scarf and work simple rows of single crochet stitches till it’s long enough. Then we add some chains and continue working on a big rectangle which will be folded in half to create a hoodie. A simple construction for beginners. Although faux fur yarn can be challenging to work with, you will notice it’s very doable with crochet hook size 15 mm.

Faux fur hooded infinity scarf with Lionbrand Faux fur yarn Go For Faux and Katia Polar

About the yarn

Faux fur yarn is one of the biggest trends since 2018. It’s soft, fluffy and warm. Thanks to its super bulky weight, it works up very fast. I needed 3 balls of Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn color white (Baked Alaska) but there are many other colors you can choose from. With this yarn it can be challenging to see the stitches, but with a big crochet hook (15mm in this case) it will be much easier. My biggest tip is to feel the stitches as you can see in my Instagram video here.

Faux Fur hooded infinity scarf Lionbrand Go For Faux Katia Polar Pinterest Pin

Faux fur hooded infinity scarf


– Lion Brand Go For Faux yarn (Weight 6/super bulky, 64yds/3.5oz, 60m/100g)
3 balls color Baked Alaska [322-098]
or 260 grams of similar yarn

– Crochet hook 15 mm P/Q

– Tapestry needle

Measuring tape

– Scissors


Width: 5.5″ / 14 cm
Length: 64″ / 162 cm (before sewing ends together)

For reference, model is 1.63m/5’4″ tall with a 34” bust.


With hook size 15 mm:
5 sc x 5 rows = 10 x 10 cm / 4″ square

Stitches & abbreviations

– st: stitch
– ch: chain
– sc: single crochet

* *: repeat what is between the asterisks as many times as directed
( ) at end of a row: amount of stitches you should have at the end of that row


– This pattern is written in US terminology

– Turning ch 1 doesn’t count as a stitch

– With this yarn it’s important to feel the stitches

– Pattern is worked in one piece starting with the scarf, continuing with the hoodie without breaking yarn, then seaming ends together with whip stitches.


Below you can find a video of this hooded infinity scarf.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube


Leave a long beginning tail for sewing later

With hook size 15 mm, ch 9

Row 1:
1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, ch 1, turn <8 sc>

Row 2 – 44:
1 sc in each st across, ch 1, turn <8 sc>

Row 45:
1 sc in each st across, ch 15, turn <8 sc>

Row 46:
1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 13 ch, 1 sc in next 8 st, ch 1, turn <22 sc>

Row 47 – 70 (24 rows):
1 sc in each st across, ch 1, turn <22 sc>


Whip stitch the ends of the scarf together. Fold rectangle (hood) in half and whip stitch the sides of the hood together.

Share a picture!

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