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Fluffy crochet triangle shawl with Katia Velour yarn

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing a crochet project that I recently finished. It’s a simple crochet triangle shawl made with yarn called Katia Velour, which is extremely soft and fluffy. When I saw this yarn, I instantly fell in love.

It’s probably my most favorite handmade item I’ve ever made. I am so in love with the soft touch and how chic it looks.

There was only one problem… the yarn was meant for knitting and there was no crochet pattern available. But I truly fell in love with this yarn and couldn’t resist giving it a try!

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - free crochet pattern with Katia Velour Degrade yarn

About this design

I started this project one year ago. With a big crochet hook (size 6mm/J hook) I started working on a simple shawl with this fluffy yarn. The shawl is made with single crochet stitches and increases on one side. It was a pleasure to feel the soft fluffy yarn slip through my fingers.

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - Katia Velour Degrade yarn

However, I have to say.. it was one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on so far. Not because the pattern was difficult, no.. it was like crocheting with my eyes closed. I had a hard time seeing the stitches and I often ended up make an error somewhere. I decided to put the project away ‘for later’.

Last month, one year after starting it, I picked it up again and noticed it was actually going better and faster than last year. Maybe because I got more experienced over the year, or because I was super motivated to finally finish the last part. I didn’t have to frog that much and within a few days I was able to finish the shawl. Pfew! I did it! And let me tell you.. it was worth it!

If you want to make the same shawl as I did, you can follow the free crochet triangle shawl pattern below. It’s the same pattern as my ‘It’s So Fluffy Shawl‘ which I made with another fluffy yarn (Lion Brand’s new LB Collection® Soft Spoken), but with some alterations for this yarn.

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - Katia Velour Degrade yarn - free crochet pattern

About this yarn

The yarn that I used is called Katia Velour. Last year Katia had a cake version of this yarn which is called Katia Velour Degrade. The big advantage of this cake was that I didn’t have to buy 8 different color skeins.

This year the cakes are harder to find as they’re discontinued. I found a shop on Etsy that still has 3 color options on stock (only 1 left of each color, hurry!): pink/purple/redgreen/brown/armyorange/red/brown. But of course you can also buy the normal Velour skeins in your favorite colors (big stock available on Etsy).

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - Katia Velour Degrade

I highly recommend this yarn to knitters. If you want to crochet with this yarn (like I did), I only advice it to experienced crocheters because you need to feel where the stitches are rather than seeing it. The good thing about this yarn is that you can easily rip it out and start over. The yarn will not get damaged or knotted, so it’s a frog-friendly yarn. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly fluffy yarn, check out the yarn I used for my other similar shawl here. That yarn is easy to work with, but less soft/fluffy.

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - free crochet pattern -Katia Velour Degrade yarn - 4 colors

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Fluffy crochet triangle shawl

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– 1x Katia Velour Degrade


4x Katia Velour (4 different colors)

– Crochet hook 6mm (US J/10 hook)

– Stitch markers

– Tapestry needle


Height: 40cm / 15.5″
Width: 160cm / 63″


14 sc stitches equal 10 cm / 4”
14 rows equal 10 cm / 4”

Stitches & abbreviations (US terms)

– ch: chain
– sc: single crochet

* *: repeat what is between the asterisks as many times as directed
( ) within instructions: work a group of stitches all in the same stitch
( ) at end of a row: amount of stitches you should have at the end of that row


– This pattern is written in US terminology

– We turn our work at the end of every row

– The first chain at the start of a new row does not count as a stitch


In this video you can see how to make the shawl. The video is from my other similar shawl which is basically the same pattern, but different amount of rows of color changes.

*Click here to open the video on YouTube

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl pattern

Start with color 1

Chain 2

Row 1: 
2sc in the 2nd chain (2)

Row 2: 
2sc, ch 1, turn (2)

Row 3: 
1sc, 2sc in last sc, ch 1, turn (3)

Place a stitch marker in the last stitch you made in row 3. Now we’re going to make 1 sc in every stitch, and when we reach the side of the stitch marker, make 2sc in the last stitch.

Row 4: 
1sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (3)

Row 5: 
1sc in each sc across, 2sc in last sc, ch 1, turn (4)

Repeat row 4 & 5 till row 100. You now have 51 stitches.

R51-76: use color 2

R77-94: use color 3

R95-106: use color 4

Time to decrease

Row 101: 
1sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (51)

Row 102:
1sc in each sc across, last 2sc together (decrease), ch 1, turn (50)

Repeat row 101 & 102 till row 197.  There are 2 stitches left at the end of row 197.

R107-124: use color 3

R125-150: use color 2

R151-200: use color 1

Row 198: 
2sc, ch 1, turn (2)

Row 199:
decrease (in the 2 stitches that are left), ch 1, turn (1)

Row 200:
1sc (1)

Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Fluffy crochet triangle shawl - free crochet pattern with Katia Velour Degrade

Stitch count

Below you can find an overview of the amount of stitches you should have. 

Its so fluffy shawl with katia velour - stitch count

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