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Gradient yarn cakes

Gradient yarn cakes have subtle color changes, transitioning from one shade to another in a gradual manner. Let the yarn do the work without having to worry about color changes or weaving in any ends. Turn any project, no matter how simple, in an eye-catching piece. For 1 shawl you’ll only need 1 cake.

Below you can find an overview of the most affordable and unique gradient yarn cakes available internationally. You can also find answers to my most commonly asked questions about gradient yarn cakes.

Gradient yarn cake collection Wilmade

Where to buy cheap gradient yarn cakes

The prices mentioned below are from February 2023 and subject to exchange rates. You can check the current price by clicking the link.

PerfectYarns (star seller)

PerfectYarns is an Etsy shop based in Turkey with over 130.000 sales. A cake costs about $17 (depending on exchange rate) and shipping costs are $8. Shipping is free for orders $35 and up and if you buy 6 cakes, you’ll get 7, or buy 12, and you’ll get 15.

Custom gradient yarn cake

A few Etsy shops offer custom yarn cakes. You can simply choose the colors and they will make it for you. Unfortunately the shops are all located in Europe, so shipping to the USA is very expensive. I will keep my eyes open for better alternatives in the USA.

Wollelfe (hand dyed gradient yarn)

For those looking for something unique, I recommend checking out Wollelfe, a shop on Etsy run by Katrin from Austria. She offers very special and unique hand dyed gradient yarn on two bases: merino and merino/silk. Silk is a more luxurious option for shawls with a beautiful drape.

  • Lace Merino (100g/800m or 125g/1000m)
    100% wool (Merino extrafine, superwash), mulesing free origin
    800m = €22.50 / $25.20
    1000m = €28.12 / $31.50
  • Lace Merino / Silk (100g/800m or 125g/1000m)
    75% wool (Merino extrafine, superwash), 25% mulberry silk, mulesing free origin
    800m = €26.00 / $29.12
    1000m = €32.50 / $36.40

Visit her Etsy shop to see all options as she offers many different colors, bases and yardage.

Gradient yarn cake - hand dyed Wollelfe yarn from Etsy

Most commonly asked questions about gradient yarn cakes

1. Which yarn did you use for your [name X] Shawl?
I’ve been hoarding gradient yarn cakes since 2016 and unfortunately many are not available anymore as the Etsy shops closed down or the yarn got discontinued. I often buy my yarn at local yarn stores in Germany which are not available online. But don’t worry, even though my specific brand/color is not available, there are plenty of other options available online which I’ve listed in my overview above. You can also request a custom cake on Etsy based on my colors.

2. What is the difference between 3ply and 4ply?
A 3ply cake has 3 individual strands of yarn that are plied (twisted) together and a 4ply cake is a little bit thicker as it’s made up of 4 individual strands of yarn. Ultimately, the choice between a 3ply and 4ply gradient yarn cake will depend on the type of project you want to make and the yardage listed in the pattern.

3. Do I need a 600m, 800m or 1000m cake?
Patterns will tell you how much yarn you need, but typically 600m cakes are just enough for smaller shawls with lacy details. 800m cakes are good for a normal shawls. You’ll need a 1000m cake for a bigger shawl or a shawl that uses complex stitches that are ‘yarn eaters’.

4. Can I substitute a 3ply cake for a 4ply cake and vice versa?
Yes, no problem. Just make sure your cake has the right yardage that’s mentioned in the pattern.

5. Which hook size do I need?
Usually I use a 3.5mm hook for 3ply and a 4mm hook for 4ply.

6. Where do you get your yarn cakes?
I often buy them from a local yarn store in Germany when they have a huge sale.

Gradient yarn cake patterns

7. Which crochet patterns are suitable for 600m cakes?
I have 2 shawls featuring a 600m cake.

8. Which crochet patterns are suitable for 800m cakes?
I got plenty of shawl patterns that you can use with a 800m cake! And of course you can make the shawls mentioned above as well.

9. Which crochet patterns are suitable for 1.000m cakes?
Here you can find my free crochet patterns featuring 1.000m cakes. You can also make all the other shawls listed above.

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