Join my new ‘free crochet patterns’ group on theTundra!

Hi all! Today I want to show you a new platform which I’ve joined recently. It’s a new platform for DIY’ers called theTUNDRA, the first network serving Enthusiast communities on which we can share photos, videos, links, patterns… It’s like a combination of Ravelry, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. I’ve created my first group called ‘Free Crochet Patterns‘ to connect with other crochet #enthusiasts.

Free crochet patterns by Wilmade group on theTUNDRA

Join my TUNDRA group

I’d love to invite you all to give it a try (claim your name now while it’s still available, ghehe) and join my TUNDRA group where I will be sharing free patterns, video tutorials any everything crochet-y. If you’re a designer, this might be a great opportunity for you to promote your patterns. Click on this link and start sharing your creations!

Creating a profile

Once you’ve created a profile, you’re ready to join my ‘Free Crochet Patterns‘ group. You can also select some other topics you might be interest in. In my group you can explore new free patterns, show off your own projects, ask questions, put up a poll if you need help deciding which color to use, and more. It’s designed to be a place where we can encourage one another and cheer each other on as we work on our projects.

Join my free crochet patterns group on theTUNDRA pinterest pin

Select your favorite topics

A great feature I like is ‘topics‘ which allows us to add posts to a specific category. If you’re interested in video tutorials, simply select ‘video patterns’ and you’ll see an overview of all video tutorials I’ve shared so far. If you’re looking for shawls, simply select ‘shawl patterns’. Of course there’s also an option to select ‘free patterns’ which, of course, only displays free patterns.

One of my favorite things about the crochet community is seeing projects you’ve made with my patterns. I hope you’ll join my new group and share your creations so I can see them!

mytundra free crochet patterns filter topics

About TheTUNDRA.

theTUNDRA, formerly known as PASHGroups, is a new platform for enthusiast communities. This platform combines the best of platforms such as Craigslist, Google+, Facebook, Reddit, Ravelry and YouTube in a single network. They provide all the tools needed for a community such as groups, posts, video, marketplace, discussions and publishing for story telling. It’s especially popular in the DIY niche and a perfect platform for our crochet community.


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    Candace Patten
    6 December 2020 at 7:02 pm

    Hi Wilma I signed up for your newsletter to be sent to my email address at Yahoo from my phone, but wanted to see pattern of (your long vest cardigan on computer) so I could read pattern easier to follow along watching your video/pattern, thank you so much its great, also your various hat patterns-always looking for new hat patterns, I crochet hats for the Elks- Fraternal Order Of Elks, there is about 6-10 gals that knit & crochet hats, once year in fall they’re bagged up and given to Dornbecker Children’s hospital here in Portland Oregon, I found your long vest cardigan pattern on Pinterest, have zebra color yarn (black-grey=white) want make into your long vest, I made same color in Rauna cape but don’t like its curved hemline, Thanks so much for your guidance & patterns Candy

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    Lynne Stranick
    2 April 2020 at 2:20 am

    I just signed up, your website must be having difficulty as I cannot access anything. I’ll check back tomorrow have a pleasant night. All the best to you.

    Respectfully, Lynne

  • Reply
    che carson
    26 March 2020 at 7:11 pm

    I signed up, but I absolutely cannot find your stuff!! WTH?

  • Reply
    Margaret-Rose Stringer
    11 March 2020 at 7:23 pm

    Trying to sign up, but not getting anywhere so far.
    I’ll keep trying for a day or so, Wilma.
    Your Happy Hailey scarf is terrific, btw: will go out and get some yarn today !!

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