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Joyful Josie Shawl

Today I’m sharing a round crochet shawl pattern called the Joyful Josie Shawl. The shawl has a round shape and only simple stitches are used: perfect for beginners! It’s the first project in my new series of free patterns dedicated to my extended family (people with the same condition as I have).

Get the free pattern below or purchase the ad-free PDF version of this pattern on Etsy and Ravelry. The PDF is designed for printing and this way you can support me!

Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free round crochet shawl pattern

About Josie

The Joyful Josie Shawl is inspired by my dear friend Josie. Josie is 10 years old, lives in Iowa with her parents, twin brother and younger sister. I was fortune enough to get to meet Josie last March in Kansas City.

Josie has already conquered a lot in her youth regarding treatments. In total she has now undergone 10 surgeries and there will be some more in the coming years. Despite the fear and pain she and her family had to go through, Josie has always been brave and courageous. Very special for someone of such a young age and something I really admire.Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free round crochet shawl pattern

About the design

Josie is a competition swimmer. I also used to be a competition swimmer when I was her age. I wanted to do something with this similarity. I chose a yarn cake that has blue tones – the color of water – and some glitter for her shining personality.

For the shape I chose a round crochet shawl design based on the waves in the water. “Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion.”

I added some simple details to the rows where colors changed to a darker tone. The simple details are made with chain bows and remind me of a net or line in the water.

The simple details that remind me of a net in the water
Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free round crochet shawl pattern

The yarn cake with blue color tones and glitter
Durable colorful yarn cake - free crochet pattern round crochet shawl

About the shawl

I used a simple stitch to lay the focus on the beautiful color transitions. The stitch is a combination of single crochet and double crochet stitches on top of each other, which gives a beautiful texture.

Thanks to the round shape the shawl can be worn in different ways: like a normal scarf/ shawl or as a wrap around the shoulders.

The pattern is quite simpel and is a great project for beginners. The only stitches you need to know are chains, single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches. I loved working on this shawl in the car or in front of the TV while watching Netflix.

Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free round crochet shawl pattern

About this series of patterns

I was born with a (benign) tumor in my face. For more than 22 years my doctors did not know what it was exactly. In 2017 I did a second opinion and got diagnosed with an ultra rare condition. I immediately started searching for other people with this condition.

So far I have found about 20 people in the whole wide world. It’s amazing how many similarities we have and how much we look alike. I feel very grateful they came into my life.

Many of my upcoming patterns, including this one, will be special designs inspired by my new ‘extended family’ who have made a huge impact on me.

> Read more about me
> Read more about this special series of patterns
> Read more about my meeting with Josie

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Joyful Josie Shawl pattern

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1 gradient plied yarn cake (4 ply, 800m / 875yds).
*I used a Dutch brand called Durable which is only sold in the Netherlands. Alternatives that are sold in the USA can be found on Etsy and Hobbii.

> Read more about gradient yarn cakes

Crochet hook 4.5mm (7 US)

Abbreviations / stitches that are used

– Ch: chain
– Sc: single crochet
– Dc: double crochet
– St: stitch


With my yarn cake 14 stitches and 14 rows equal 10×10 cm / 4” square

Finished size

Sizes are after blocking:
Height: 45 cm / 17.5″
Width: 210cm / 83″

If you bought a smaller cake or want to make a smaller version, it’s best to skip some rows between row 29 and 50. For example, repeat row 2 only for 16 rows instead of 22. And skip some repeats of row 2 at the end between row 55 and 73 (or just make rows till you run out of yarn).

Joyful Josie Shawl made with Durable Colorful - free crochet round shawl pattern


– I do not count turning chains as the first stitches. I just used them to gain height.

– Normally you would make 1 turning chain for a single crochet, but I used 3 turning chains, so it would stretch better and give straighter edges. If you use only 1 turning chain, it will be less flexible and might curl.

– Like most knitted/crochet shawls the shawl needs to be blocked when it’s finished. So don’t worry if yours gets a bit wonky or curls a bit, blocking will fix this.


Below you can find a short video tutorial of this pattern.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube


Chain 5 (counts as 4 chains + 1 turning chain)

Row 1:
(1sc, 1dc, 1sc) in 2nd chain from the hook,
(1dc, 1sc) in next 2 stitches,
(1dc, 1sc, 1dc) in last stitch, turn (10)

Row 2:
ch 3, (1sc, 1dc, 1sc) in first stitch,
*1dc in next st, 1sc in next st* repeat till end,
(1dc, 1sc, 1dc) in last stitch, turn (14)

Row 3 – 25 (23 rows):
Repeat row 2 (see counting table below)
My color changed for the first time after row 25.

Two chain bows

Row 26:
ch 6, 1sc in first st,
*ch 5, skip 3, 1sc in next st* repeat till end,
ch 5, 1 sc in last stitch, turn (28 sc, 28 chain bows)

Row 27:
ch 6, 1sc in first chain bow, *ch 5, 1 sc in next chain bow* repeat till end, turn (28 chain bows)

Row 28:
ch 3, (1sc, 1dc, 1sc) in first stitch,
*(1dc, 1sc, 1dc) in next chain bow, 1sc in next st* repeat till end,
(1dc, 1sc, 1dc) in last stitch, turn (114)

Row 29 – 50 (22 rows):
Repeat row 2 (see counting table below)
My color changed for the second time after row 36 and for the third time after row 44.

NOTE: If you use a smaller yarn cake or want to make a smaller version, it’s better to skip some rows between row 29 and 50.

For example, repeat row 2 only till row 44 (16 rows) or till you reach your third color change.

Three chain bows

Row 51:
Repeat row 26 (52 chain bows)

Row 52:
Repeat row 27 (52 chain bows)

Row 53:
Repeat row 27 (52 chain bows)
My color changed for the 4th time after row 53.

Row 54:
Repeat row 28 (210)

Row 55 – 73 (20 rows):
Repeat row 2 (see counting table below)
My color changed for the 5th time after row 57 and for the 6th time after row 64.

NOTE: From now on you can just continue making rows until you run out of yarn or till you think the shawl is long enough. My yarn cake was done after row 73, but if you have more yarn left, you can choose to continue.

If you use a smaller yarn cake or if you want to make a smaller version, just repeat row 2 till you think the shawl is big enough. 


The table below shows the amount of stitches you should have after each row. I have included the amount of stitches till row 75 in case you want to make it bigger.

Stitch count you need to have after every row for the Joyful Josie Shawl


When you’re done, make sure to block the shawl, because it might look a bit wonky or not as straight as you want it to be. Don’t worry, almost all knitted/crocheted shawls need to be blocked to bring the shawl in the shape you want.

In short, blocking means you pin your project in the correct shape, for example on a bed or using foam blocks, and then you spray it wet. You can also use a steam iron. It will dry and stay in the shape you pinned it. Here you can find my short tutorial about blocking.

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  1. Hi! I was cruising the intarwebz on my phone looking for easy but good-looking patterns I thought a beginner like me could manage, when I saw the Joyful Josie Shawl and knew I’d found it.

    So, my name is Josie, I’m 52 years old, my favorite color (group) is blue, and I was just diagnosed with Autism two years ago. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 7, but I only remembered the most basic beginning stuff.

    I didn’t make my shawl exactly identical to your pattern (I’m a notorious improviser once I understand what I’m doing), but you’d definitely recognize it. I used 2 cakes of Lion Brand “Echo Caves” and a size 8.00mm hook. I ended up with 65 rows. I’ve got a gorgeous picture, but I don’t know how to post it here. If someone can help me figure it out, I’d love to show it off!

    Josie B.

  2. Hello, You say the Joyful Josie and the ping To The Point patterns are free, but there is no way to rectrieve
    the pdf or am I mistaken. Please advise. Thank You. Love your patterns and it’s great they can be
    viewed on youtube.

  3. Hi, I’m having a really difficult time starting the shawl…. I can’t seem to be able to find the last stitch to put the last 3 stitches in. The top edge doesn’t look right! I’ve tried several times,,,, even with a different yarn. I’m very frustrated! I count my stitches and still come up one short every time! Please help! I wish I could post a picture.

  4. I love the colors in the Josie one it sounds so pretty I think I might try to make it for my mom for her birthday it is in July. She will be 78.

  5. Hi, I just purchased the new Lions Summer Nights weight 1 yarn in beautiful Island Breeze. It is only a weight 1. Should I combine it with another yarn (say a weight 3 or 4) and stitch the two yarns together as one piece, or should I wind the weight 1 yarn into 2 separate balls and crochet those two together as one piece? I really want to try out the shine in the Summer Nights yarn, and love the wave shape of your shawl.
    Thanks so much, Chrissy / Canada

  6. Hi! I am on second Joyful Josie ! The first was a small one for my 7yo daughter who wears it most often as a “hood” as she calls it. The second is going to be full size. Both are using a 4.5 mm hook and 3 ply yarn.

    I cannot get it to curve the right way!! They both curve the other way, which is still very pretty, but the chain bows are less striking. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for a lovely patten, I will be trying Ana Lucia next – and I love the stories – both yours and theirs – behind your patterns.

    1. I read your comment when I started the shawl for my neice and wondered what you meant. Now I see very clearly! It feels much thicker at the top than it does at the bottom. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks

  7. Hello Wilma: Such a lovely pattern and a beautiful way to honour your young friend Josie.
    She must be thrilled. I look forward to making this pattern with your unusual stitch combination. Next to buy and save on Ravelry. Thanks and all the best to you and Josie. Pamela.

    1. Yes you can! I think it will turn out beautiful, Scheepjes Whirl have such amazing color effect! My yarn cake was 800m and Scheepjes Whirl is 1000m so you have some left over, or you can decide to continue making rows until you run out of yarn 🙂

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  9. This shawl is lovely Wilma, and represents your description of Josie perfectly! Thank you.

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