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Lovely Heart Hat (knit stitch version)

Here you can find my free crochet pattern of the Lovely heart bun hat – knit stitch version. It’s a great hat to make for Valentine’s day. This version is made with the knit stitch, also called the waistcoat stitch or central single crochet stitch.

Normal version of this hat
The knit stitch looks amazing but takes a lot of time. Also many people seem to have problems with the tension of the knit stitch. So I decided to make another version with normal crochet stitches which is faster and better if you’re planning on selling these hats or if you don’t have that much time. Click here for this normal version.

YouTube video
I’ve made a video explaining how to make the knit stitch/central single crochet stitch

– 6mm hook (US J hook)
– Worsted yarn that matches the hook size. Pink and grey (or any other color you like).

Abbreviations/stitches you should know:
Ch: Chain
Sc: Single crochet
Inc: increase (2 stitches in next stitch)
Dec: decrease (next 2 stitches together)
**: repeat between **
(): amount of stitches at the end of the row
Csc: Central single crochet (I use this abbreviation because it’s easier than writing ‘knit stitch’ everywhere)

Other notes: I worked in joined rounds (vs. continuous rounds). I started each row with a chain (which I don’t count as a stitch) and then I worked the first csc in the same stitch as the slip stitch. Also, the rows where I made hearts, I carried the other yarn across and crocheted over it.

Use grey yarn
R1: chain 8
R2: skip 1st chain, 7hdc, chain 1 (7)
R3-R41: 7hdc in back loops only, chain 1 (7)
You have now made 40 rows of hdc. Measure the rib around your head, because the size can differ depending on which yarn you use. If you need a longer or shorter rib, work in an amount of stitches that can be divided by 4.
Hold both ends together and sitch them together with hdc in the back loops only.

Crochet knit stitches
Each row of the rib counts as 1 stitch. For example, 40 rows are 40 stitches.
The pattern will now be worked in rounds.
I close every round with a slip stitch in the first stitch of the round. Also, I start every row with a chain (which doesn’t count as a stitch). The first stitch is made in the same stitch as the chain.

R1: *1sc, 2sc in 1sc* around (60)
Note: This means you make one normal single crochet and in the next stitch you make 2 single crochet stitches in one stitch). This way you’ll end up with 60 stitches

From now on we will crochet knit stitches (also called central single crochet, csc) instead of normal single crochet stitches. It is very important that you make the stitches loosely. You’ll automatically start making the stitches too tight, so really try to make them looser than you normally do. Make sure to fit the hat often on your head to check if your hat is not too tight yet.

One more note: make sure you’ll start the hearts in the middle of the previous rows.

R2: *3 grey csc, 1 pink csc* around (60)
R3: grey csc around (60)
R4: 2 grey csc (to start in the middle), *1 pink csc, 3 grey csc* around, 1 grey csc
R5: grey csc around (60)
R6: 1 grey csc (to start in the middle), *1 pink csc, 3 grey csc* around, 1 pink csc, 2 grey csc (60)
R7: grey csc around (60)
R8: *1 grey csc, 1 pink csc* around (60)
R9: *1 pink csc, 1 grey csc* around (60)
Now change yarn, pink will now be the ‘main’ color, grey will only be used for making hearts
R10: *1 grey csc, 1 pink csc* around (60)
R11: pink csc around (60)
R12: *2 pink csc, 1 grey csc* around (60)
R13: pink csc around (60)
R14: *3 pink csc, 1 grey csc* around (60)
R15: with pink, *4 csc, next 2 csc together* around (50)
R16: *4 pink csc, 1 grey csc* around (50)
R17: with pink, *3 csc, next 2 csc together* around (40)
R18: with pink, *2 csc, next 2 csc together* around (30)
If you want a bun hat, you can stop now. If you want a full hat, continue making decreasing rounds
R19: with pink, *1 csc, next 2 csc together* around (20)
R20: with pink, *2 csc together* around (10)
R21: with pink, *2 csc together* around (5)
Leave a long end and use a sewing needle to go through all last 5 loops that are left. You can add a pompom if you like!

NOTICE: The written instructions, illustrations, photos, and patterns herein are protected by copyright law. You are free to link to the patterns, but please do not copy!

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  1. I just came across this pattern and would love to give it a try. What is the gauge for your pattern? I’m going to try with a 5 weight yarn so I can figure out stitches etc. Thank you! Debbie

  2. Just finished up this cute little hat for my mom. I actually added in a third color and it turned out so cute! Thanks for posting <3

  3. This pattern is adorable and I would like to make it for my granddaughter, who is 4. What are your suggestions for making this pattern to fit a toddler?

  4. Hi, I love this pattern but I’m not sure how to decrease using csc stitch. Do you have a video showing how to do this? Thank you

  5. Hi Wilma! Love the look of the pattern but I’m having trouble with R4. When I worked this round my hearts are not centered but rather a stitch above and before the one below. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Thank you for this beautiful hat pattern that works up nicely! I do have an issue though, working it like it is the hat doesn’t come out long enough to come down over my ears. How would you suggest to add extra rows for big headed ppl like me? ?

    1. Hi Shannon, maybe you can make the rib a bit longer (e.g. 10hdc). Also, you can add extra rows at every part,
      e.g. the first part you make a row with *3 grey, 1 pink*, followed by a row with HDC around. In total you’ll do this three times, try making it 4 times.
      The 2nd part you make *1 pink, 1 grey* in total 3 times, you can do this 5 times.
      The 3nd part you make *3 pink, 1 grey* followed by *HDC around* in total 3 times, you can do this 4 or 5 times till the hat is long enough! 🙂 x

      1. Thank you so so much!! I’m going to do this as soon as I get a chance to sit down ? Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

  7. I crochet my stitches to tight! So i just got a smaller hook went through the stitch and grabbed the yarn and pulled through stitch and put the yarn on the hook i was using to make the hat… I am have problems getting the decrease down.. I do what it says but some how its not getting smaller

    1. Hi Bobbie, do you decrease by combining two stitches and then moving to the next stitch? Maybe when you decrease, you insert your hook in the same stitch as the ‘second’ you used to decrease, if you know what I mean. Sometimes it can be hard to see where the next stitch is.

  8. lovely pattern! I just started round 4, should I have just one heart to the right of the first row of hearts? In the “hearts in the middle” picture it shows one on each side.

    1. Hi Kate! If you make your first heart in the middle of the previous heart row, the other hearts will also be in the middle (because you sc3 which will end up in the middle). Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  9. I recently discovered that I crochet backwards, and as such, am unable to do the knit stitch. I fell in love with this hat, and waited patiently for the “normal” version to be released-and now I cant seem to find exactly where to click, on my phone, to get to the pattern. “Click here” isnt working for me. Please help! Lol

      1. Instead of the “front” of something facing me, the back does. For example, when I make a beanie from the top down-its inside out. I always just assumed it was like this for everyone, until I tried tapestry crochet not too long ago, and “carrying” yarn. That is when I realized there was a problem. I have tried to relearn how to crochet, with videos, to no avail. I will be trying to figure out how to carry yarn, ASAP. Crocheting is my everything.

  10. So happy to find a knit stitch in crochet. The only way has been Tunisian crochet. Looking forward to making this hat.

  11. What row did u stop at to make the ponytail hat. I love this pattern , and also for toddler size how many stitches around as I would think 60 would be to many

    1. Hi Diana, till row 14 you can find the instructions of a bun hat. Below that, you can find instructions to close the hat. I do not have the measurements of a toddler yet, but I’m planning on making one next week. Will update the pattern then with toddler size!

  12. Hi! Any advice on how to make the Csc easier to do? I can’t seem to get my hook through, only in the hearts. Thanks. Great pattern and tutorial!

    1. I had the same problem, so I started using a smaller hook. With this hook I was able to go through all CSC without problems. Butttt one note: make sure to make the stitches as loose as possible, because if you’re going to use a smaller hook, the hat can become too small. So really try to make looooooose stitches 🙂

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