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Minion jar

Free crochet pattern minion jar

I like Minions. I like jars. I like yarn. Combine this and you will get a Minion light candle! Many people asked how I did this, so here you can find the pattern.

– This pattern is worked in American Standard Terms.
– This pattern is worked in a joined round. Join at the end of every row

st: stitch
sc: single crochet
DC: double crochet
**: repeat
(): amount of stitches you should have at the end of the row

I made a small video where you can see how to make this minion jar. You can find the written pattern below.

Minion body (yellow yarn)
Round 1: Start with a serie of chain stitches which fits around the jar. The amount of stitches should be divisible by two. Make sure it’s tight, eventually it will stretch. I have used 52 chains for a jar of 360 gram. Close the round with a slip stitch.

Round 2 & 3: Chain 3 (counts as first DC) and DC in every next stitch around . Close the round with a slip stitch

Round 4 – 12 : Chain 4 (first 3 chains count as a DC + 1 chain), skip 1 stitch and make a DC in the next stitch. *ch 1, skip 1st, DC in next st* repeat till the end of the row and close with a slip sitch.

Round 13 – 14: When you have reached the top of the jar, make two final rounds of DC in each stitch. Don’t forget to use 3 chains as the first DC and close the round with a slip stitch. Most jars will become smaller at the top. To make it fit better, decrease around: *DC in each of next 5st, sc2tog* for example. It depends on how many stitches you have.

Goggles (2x)
White yarn
1. Magic ring with 6 sc (6)
2. 2 sc in each st around (12)
3. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* (repeat 6x) (18)
Change to grey yarn
4. 18sc (18)
5. Sc in each st around of the previous row, so you put the crochet hook in the same stitches as you did in row 4. This will give a nice effect to the goggles.
Cut two pupils of black vilt and glue them on the glasses. Attach the two eyes together.

Goggle strap
Black yarn
Round 1: Start with a serie of chain stitches which fits around the jar (don’t forget to include the two eyes). I have used 40 chains + 3 turn chains.
Round 2 & 3: Chain 3, DC in every next stitch
Weave in ends and attach the black strap to the goggles

Cut a short piece of black yarn and glue it on the Minion.

Last advice: If your jar is not flat, you can use a bit of sand to make the tealight stand straight.

NOTICE: The written instructions, illustrations, photos, and patterns herein are protected by copyright law. You are free to link to the patterns, but please do not copy!

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  1. Very cute and made up so fast.
    For pint jar I did: from bottom up
    Chain 36…2 rows DC
    5 lattice rows
    1DC row
    1 sc row
    Worked perfect without any Dec.

  2. Hi Wilma .my grandson is having Minion as his bday theme. Will make the jar for him . Thanks a lot . God bless you

    1. Oh boy, thanks to your comment I just looked at my first pattern (the minion jar) and noticed a lot of info is missing. Thank you for you comment, I will update that page soon! I used crochet hook 3.5mm!

  3. This is just adorable! I think I am going to make banks out of the for the kids, maybe it will help them save move!

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