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I got married and crocheted a wedding dress with my mom

November 30th Koen and I got married in Las Vegas. I finally can share my wedding dress with you! It’s a crochet wedding dress which I’ve made together with my mom. It took us months to design, crochet, sew and make improvements. But it turned out just the way I wanted!

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - Mom and I putting on the dress

Wedding after movie

Here you can watch our wedding movie. Text continues below this video.


Renting a wedding dress..

Last January Koen proposed on the plane to New York and I could finally start preparing the most beautiful day of our dreams. Initially I wanted to rent a wedding dress in Las Vegas. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress that I would wear for just one day, probably ending up in a box in the attic catching dust. Besides, it’s not very convenient transporting a wedding dress all the way to Vegas in carry-on luggage.

..or making a wedding dress myself?

But I changed my mind. My mom started her career as a professional sewer and we both know how to crochet. I thought it would be very special to make a crochet wedding dress together. One that was easy to carry on the plane and exactly tailored to my taste and wishes. Mom was totally in for this idea!

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - close-up crochet dress and crochet flowers wedding bouquet

Designing process of my crochet wedding dress

First I needed to know what kind of dress I wanted. I started searching on Pinterest for inspiration. I decided to go for a long dress, with a high neck and no sleeves. Simple but elegant.

I already knew I was going to crochet the top part and let my mom do the sewing part. For the yarn I chose a luxurious yarn called Katia Cotton Cashmere. The cashmere makes the yarn feel luxurious and soft, which I really loved.

After making the crochet top, we visited a fabrics store in my hometown. I decided to go with fabrics that matched with the crochet top and had a beautiful flower motive. Really wedding-ish if you ask me!

To make the two separate pieces look like a whole, we added a ribbon. This way it looked like one dress instead of a separate top and skirt.

Handmade crochet wedding dress made with mom

Mini crochet wedding dress for my mini-me

My flower girl was going to be very special: Vela, my 3-year-old mini-me from San Diego. Vela and I have the same rare condition. She looks just like me when I was her age. I’ve met Vela and her family in March 2018 and couldn’t stop talking about her.

As she lives close to Las Vegas, my mom and Vela’s mom Stephanie secretly arranged that they would attend the wedding as a surprise. Mom decided to make a mini crochet wedding dress for Vela identical to my dress. Isn’t it cute!?

Handmade gifts from family

Even though my family couldn’t attend the wedding, they were with me through their handmade gifts. My wedding flowers / bouquet were made by my grandmothers (yes, it’s actually crochet and not real!) and my shawl was knitted by my auntie. So beautiful and special they did this for me.

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - knitted wedding shawl
The crochet wedding flower bouquet made by my grannies and shawl knitted by my auntie

Our wedding in Las Vegas

Koen and I were looking forward to this day for many years. We have always known we wanted to get married on that specific day: our 10 year-anniversary.

It was such sweet and perfect day! Everything went as planned and the weather was great. Every time I look at the pictures, I instantly feel happy and think back to this amazing day.

We also have a beautiful after movie which you can find below the pictures.

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - group pic

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - downtown Las Vegas

Elopement Las Vegas - crochet wedding dress - downtown Las Vegas boho style


  1. I was relooking at this wedding so brimming and overflowing with love and loving the dress, the shawl, and the bouquet, There is for sure a lot of love in each of those stitches 🙂 but mostly I love the look of pure joy on your beautiful face, hun <3

  2. I just found your site via Lion Brand’s site. Your patterns are beautiful. I love them! Your instructions and tutorials are wonderful, easy to follow and so professional! Your love story and wedding has touched my heart. May God Bless you many, many years of love and happiness. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Wilma! I came upon your YouTube site while watching a different tutorial by someone else. I clicked on your tutorial for one of your shawls bc I was drawn to the gradient colors and beautiful stitch work. Then one click leads to another and I was reading your story about your condition. I don’t usually comment unless I feel compelled to. I wanted to first tell you that I think you are a wonderful and talented yarn artist. Then I saw your wedding pictures. You are absolutely beautiful (and your mini-me is adorable) Your wedding dress and your new husband, the ceremony…just so lovely! Many blessings to you and your husband. I will subscribe on YouTube. I have FB but do not use it anymore…nobody I know crochets or knits. I also have Instagram (don’t use) and Twitter (use maybe twice a year..lol) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all of that. You’re an amazing person..beautiful, talented and genuine. xx

  4. Praise you Both on your path of Blessings pure happiness joy healthy souls as one Peace most of All Love in the Good Book of Faith in the name of …I give to you to as a gift. Thank you for giving us your gifts for ALL of us to enjoy. Blessings

  5. Wilma you are one remarkable young lady. Courageous determined talented and d most of kind generous and determined to face whatever obstacle is in your way. Your life it’s husband Koen will be wonderful. I again wish you both a happy and fulfilled life. I was born in the Netherlands and we immigrated to Australia in 1955 I have celebrated my tenth birthday in Tasmania where we settled. Have been back twice and the older I become to more I yearn for the country of my birth. Enjoy ,your new status life can only get better.

  6. You are an unbelievably beautiful and talented young lady. That is outstanding how everything just fell in place for you and your family. From the first time I came across your blog I knew you were something special. I pray blessings for you and your family always.

  7. Thank you for sharing your happiness, together. May your journey together be one of many unexpected wonderful

  8. Congratulations! All the handmade things are beautiful and are things that can be treasured forever. I got married in Las Vegas too, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, I wish you a lifetime of happiness

  9. Een ontmoeting werd vriendschap. Vriendschap werd liefde en liefde werd trouw ♥ Proficiat met jullie huwelijk ♥Heel veel geluk en liefde gewenst ♥ Liefs uit Limburg (B)

  10. Hey Wilma,
    Wauw, wat een schitterende foto’s. En zo te zien een geweldige dag. Gaaf dat je familie er in het boeket erbij was. En wat een bijzondere jurk heb je gemaakt. Echt geweldig. Wat mooi dat je dit met ons hebt gedeeld.
    Fijne avond.

    Lieve groetjes,

  11. Absolutely beautiful!!! You, the dress, everything about your day!!! I loved that you shared it with us all…my husband and I got married on our 12 year anniversary, so I know you will have a long happy love filled life together like we have and are still having 30 years later..many blessings to you both.

  12. Congratulations on your wedding! What a beautiful video of your special day – thank you for sharing it with us. Your dress and flowers and shawl are just gorgeous, as is your little flower girl. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and adventure together. xox

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