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Never ending shawl

Today I present to you: a simple triangle shawl for beginners! It’s a simple design worked bottom-up with single crochet and half double crochet stitches alternating. Perfect for beginners who want to give their first triangle shawl a try!

Get the free pattern below or purchase the ad-free PDF version of this pattern on Etsy and Ravelry. The PDF is designed for printing and this way you can support me!

Never Ending Shawl

Never Ending Shawl - simple triangle shawl - free crochet pattern with Scheepjes Whirl

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About this design

I’ve made many shawls lately and decided to make one that is super simple for beginners. I used basic stitches which are easy to learn for beginners.

The Never ending Shawl is called ‘never ending’ because you can work on it forever.. or till you think it’s big enough. I personally stopped when I ran out of yarn.

If you’re a beginner, this simple triangle shawl is a great project to start with!

Never Ending Shawl - simple triangle shawl - free crochet pattern with Scheepjes Whirl

About this pattern

The best thing about this simple triangle shawl is that you don’t have to focus on following a pattern. All the stitches you need to know for this shawl are single crochet and half double crochet stitches.

We work one stitch in every stitch. We increase at the start and end of a row. This way the shawl becomes wider. For those who need some extra help, I’ve added a video tutorial which you can find below.

The simplicity of this pattern makes the Never ending Shawl a great project to work on while traveling. I worked on it in the train and car (while Koen was driving) – and while watching my favorite Netflix series.

Never Ending Shawl - simple triangle shawl - free crochet pattern with Scheepjes Whirl

About this yarn

For this design I used a gradient plied yarn cake. Actually no matter what crochet shawl you make, every shawl will turn out great with a yarn cake that changes colors in a beautiful gradient way.

As summer is over, I decided to use darker colors for this shawl. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I chose a blue/grey/black cake. I think the colors look very chic and it looks great with a simple black (or blue) dress.

Cottonflowersyarns gradient plied yarn cakes

Never Ending Shawl


– 1 gradient yarn cake (Weight 3/light, 1.094yds/8.8oz, 1.000m/250g)
Alternative yarn cake available in the USA: Hobbii.
> Click here to read more about alternative yarn cakes available worldwide.

3.5 mm hook (US E/4)

– Tapestry needle


Height: 75cm / 30”
Width: 175cm / 69”


20 stitches and 20 rows equal 10 cm x 10 cm / 4” square

Stitches used (US terms)

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
st: stitch
**: repeat what’s between the **
( ): the amount of stitches you should have at the end of the row


– This pattern is worked bottom-up

– We turn our work at the end of every row

– The first 2 chains at the start of every row do not count as a stitch


Below you can find a 2-minute video of the Never ending Shawl.

Simple triangle shawl pattern

** Note: You can purchase the ad-free PDF version of this pattern on Etsy and Ravelry. The PDF is designed for printing and this way you can support me! **

Chain 3

Row 1:
(1 hdc, 1 sc, 1 hdc) in 3rd ch from hook, ch 2, turn (3)

Row 2:
(1 hdc, 1 sc) in 1st st, 1 hdc in the next st, (1 sc, 1 hdc) in last st, ch 2, turn (5)

Row 3 – 150:
(1 hdc, 1 sc) in 1st st, *1 hdc in next st, 1sc in next st* across, 1 hdc in next st, (1sc, 1hdc) in last st, ch 2, turn

Repeat row 3 until you run out of yarn or until you think the shawl is long enough. Told you it was easy!

Share a picture!

If you make one, please tag or mention me on Instagram @wilmawestenberg and add this pattern to your Ravelry queue. I would love to see what colors you used and feature some of your pictures!


If you have any questions about this simple triangle shawl pattern, feel free to join my Facebook Group. I created this group for you to share pictures/ progress, ask questions and to help each other out.

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  1. Hi Wilma I am having trouble playing the video tutorial, I keep getting the ads and then it says video cannot be p layed Error Code 232001. I have purchased the pattern and wonder if there is a video on that and whether it includes ads etd.

  2. I made it with Lion Brand Scarfie in cranberry/black. It’s gorgeous! I did miscount some rows so I added a lace and picot trim to hide the errors.

  3. this is the most perfect triangle shawl pattern (i’ve made it in fingering, DK and worsted weight yarns). it comes out to a perfect triangle EVERY time. thanks!

  4. Do you think this pattern would work with a heavier weight yarn and hook? I’d like to make myself a winter shawl

    1. Did you ever get an answer to this? I want to make one of these for my mom, but dont have to yarn listed in the pattern. Rather, I have a thicker yarn. Wondering if the pattern works no matter what kind of yarn?

  5. I have made this Shawl four times! Love the texture of it. Two were for me and two were gifts!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, it’s so easy and it make a lovely and unusual texture! I enjoy how you combine stitches to make unique and beautiful new patterns. I didn’t have the yarn you suggested, so I am using a DK weight lime green and dove gray yarn. I’m thinking about adding a border, I will look around your site and see if I can find something. Take care!

  7. If I follow your directions, then there are two single stitches before the final half-double crochet. Is this correct?

  8. So very lovely. I am going to make this in the Redheart Ombre Yarn in Scuba 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern.

  9. Miss Wilma… love this shawl… I am an experienced crocheter, but love the ease of taking this with me… HDC, SC, HDC, SC… what could be easier?

    I’m thinking about making this a rectangle shawl…. increasing on one side only. Do you have any thoughts on this? I’m thinking it would be similar to making a C2C square off for a afghan/baby blanket.

    1. I FIGURED IT OUT! I worked on a smaller piece (15 stitches across) and wrote down my pattern. If you would like to see it/use it, please let me know.

      1. Hi Christine, I want to make a rectangle shawl as well. Wonder how you do it? I was going to chain even number of stitches till i have reached the height i wanted then hdc and sc across. Please let me know how you do it if you don’t mind. Thanks.

        1. Hi Christine
          I as well would like to make a rectangular Never Ending Shawl.
          If you can let me know how you do it that would be great.
          Thank you so much

  10. Thank you for linking to my shop, appreciate it! and glad to see your followers love this pattern, it works so well with gradient yarn <3

  11. Hi again Wilma,

    I just realized what a dumb question as your instructions state to keep repeating the pattern until the shawl is long enough. I have my answer. Thanks!

      1. Hi Wilma. On row 3 where the pattern is enclosed in asterisk does that mean to do those two stitches in the same stitch? I am doing it in the next stitch as it reads and winding up with a hdc before the last stitch in parentheses. Am I doing this right?

        Thank you

        1. Hi Nathalie, it means you need to repeat the part between the **. Only the first and last stitch of a row need more stitches in one stitch 🙂 So you basically just make an increase in the first stitch, then crochet ‘1hdc, 1sc in next’ till the end, and make another increase in the last stitch. Let me know if you have more questions!

  12. Hi! How big does your shawl measure? I have just finished on the third colour and can’t decide if I should use one more ball of the same colour or move on to the next colour. Worried that it may not be big enough if I move on to the next colour which I planned to use 2 balls of. Thanks!

  13. Hi Wilma, I purchased cotton flowers for a different project, but I was unable to read my work. But with this pattern of yours I can read what I Crocheted and love the yarn n pattern together. Thank you for sharing this lovely shawl.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I just checked and the link indeed doesn’t work. I contacted the seller and she emailed me that the link will probably work as of tomorrow!

    1. Yes I think you can use any yarn. Just make sure to use a matching hook size! My yarn was very thin so I used an E hook (3.5mm) but Red Heart Boutique might be more bulky 🙂

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