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I quit my job to become a full time designer

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Hi all! I wanted to give you an update about my life and crochet career. I just realized this is going to be my very first personal blog post other than my crochet patterns. I have some super exciting news to share. As of January first I quit my jobs to start for myself. Next year I will focus full time on designing crochet patterns and running my blog(s). This is work that can be done from home and therefore easy to combine with some traveling, something I will do a lot next year, more about that later this week!

For the last two years I was quite busy. I worked part-time, finished a full time master of science and worked on my website wilmade.com. I only had limited time to work on my blog and patterns – mostly evenings and weekends – and I wasn’t able to create and publish as much patterns as I wanted. But nevertheless things worked out great. I achieved higher numbers, website visitors and collaborations than I hoped for and later in 2017 this crazy hobby of mine got out of hand. So I decided to create more time next year and focus full time on my crochet blog! And the time is FINALLY there!

Last week was my last week at work – a very special week actually because I was at a conference in Swiss, which was a nice experience. I worked four days a week at a communication and PR department. My work mainly focused on managing websites, social media and organizing events. I will certainly miss my colleagues, but I am also looking forward to my next adventure. Finally I will be an officially registered entrepreneur, something I’ve always wanted.

So what this basically means for you: more often new crochet patterns for free here on my blog! 🙂 Yiiihaaaa can’t wait, I’ve had so many ideas the last few months but simply did not have time to work on it. First I am going to enjoy the holidays and then it’s time to enjoy the creative life to the fullest!

Merry Christmas everyone! x

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  1. Wilma,
    Just as luck would have it, I stumbled across your site and I am enchanted with all of your crochet designs. Thank you for sharing them with us. I wish you many years of health and creativity.
    Yvonne Brassfield

  2. Hi Wilma, I was looking for easy free shawl patterns and your name popped up. I went into your site and nowhere else. Your work is beautiful and amazing. I also just signed up to receive your emails. I am in the USA and have always wanted to travel to your country. Keep up all the wonderful corcherting!

  3. Hi, Wilma, I am so happy I found your blog, thank you for sharing your beautiful crochet with us. My favorites are the vests.I spend my time at home,crafting,when I am not up and around with my mamma.she is 96 yrs young ,and thanks to her, I know how to crochet. I look forward to seeing more of your patterns. God Bless, Lisa

  4. Hi Wilma,

    I am quite inspired with your journey and due to the fact that I have been struggling with jobs lately I would consider start a crochet blog as well. I might be visiting the Netherlands in a couple of months and if you’re free we can meet up for a little crochet chat.

    Between, I love your designs as they’re simple and easy to follow. I have done LOVELY LUISA SHAWL with slight alterations. I shall post it on my page once I complete it and should tag you too. 🙂

  5. Wilma,
    I look forward to seeing many more exquisite patterns here on your site. I have made your Ana Lucia Shawl out of acrylic thread. It is so lovely. Your use of texture is really amazing . Wishing you the best as you travel to Las Vegas to be married. I hope the day is nothing short of magical for you and your fiance.

  6. Well after reading your comments on FB and “meeting” you for the first time, I am unable to comment on your “condition” cause who gives a fig. You’re a lovely young woman with such a glorious talent. You keep making and designing and the whole world is and will be in love with you and your work.

    Yaaa You!

    Carol Pasch

      1. I love your patterns! I want to buy you more than just a cup of coffee but I don’t do pay pal. Is there any other way? Let me know. Would love to help this blog along for many years to come…..

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