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Sophie’s Garden XXL pillow

I made a beautiful Sophie’s Garden pillow and decided to make a XXL version by adding extra rows. Below you can find the instructions of my XXL version.

Sophie's Garden pillow XXL Crochet

About Sophie’s Garden

I am so in love with the beautiful Sophie’s Garden pattern by Dedri Uys. The pattern was launched as a CAL (crochet-along) and started on the 18th of January 2015. For a time span of 20 weeks, every week a part of the pattern was published. Even though the crochet-along has finished now, the instructions will remain available (for free) on her website.

Last year my mother made four Sophie’s Garden pillows in different colors. She gave them away as a gift. Two months ago we decided to make another Sophie’s Garden pillow with a large gradient yarn cake.

This yarn cake perfectly matches with my mom’s couches which are yellow and pink/red-ish. As the yarn cake has more yarn length than the pattern asks for, we added a few more rounds to make the pillow bigger.

XXL version of this pillow

First I will show you some pictures of the pillow. Below the pictures you can find the ‘pattern’ of the extra rows we’ve added to increase the pillow. We’ve used exactly one yarn cake.

Look how pretty this yarn cake is!!

Cottonflowersyarns yarn cake

It matches great with the couches!

The pillows mom made last yearSophies garden pillow xxl

Pattern: Sophie’s Garden. I used row 1 – 36 from this pattern. After that, I made up my own rows to make the pillow bigger and completely use one yarn cake. You can find my instructions for the last part at the end of this article below the pictures.

Yarn: 1 gradient yarn cake (3-ply, 1000m/1094 yds). Read more about gradient yarn cakes.

Crochet hook: 3.5mm (US E hook)

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Row 1-36: Click here for the original pattern
Row 37: dc around
Row 38: raised double crochet (relief crochet)
Row 39: puff stitch around
Row 40: 2 dc in each gap from previous row (between puff stitch)
Row 41: dc around
Row 42: V-stitch, which is *(dc, chain 2, dc) in same stitch, skip 2 (no chains)*
Row 43: sc around
Row 44: hdc in back loops only
Row 45: dc around
Row 46: sc around
Row 47: hdc in back loops only
Row 48: dc around
Row 49: puff stitch
Row 50: 2 dc in each gap from previous row (between puff stitch)
Row 51: 2dc, 2 raised double crochet (relief) around
Row 52: *2hdc, ch2, skip 2* around
Row 53: Adapted version of row 29 of the original pattern.
Start at a corner. Make one hdc in the second hdc. *2 Raised treble (relief)*Fptr in the 2 st’s from Round 51 directly below the next ch-2 space {Photo 2}. Remember to work in front of the ch-2 space, not over it {Photo 5}. (Ch 2 and fpdc in the 2 st’s from Round 51, directly below the next ch-2 space* repeat. Ch 2 and fptr around the 2 st’s from Round 51 directly below the next ch-2 space. Hdc in the next 2 hdc’s from Round 51

Row 54: Adapted version of row 30 of the original pattern.
Hdc in the next 2 st’s, fphdc around the next 2 fpdc’s of Round 52. They are behind the stitches of row 53. Skip the next 2 sc’s.*Sc in the next 2sc’s of Round 52, sc around the next 2 fpdc’s of Round 52* repeat.

Row 55: Adapted version of row 31 of the original pattern.
*Hdc in the next 2 st’s of Round 54 (behind row 53). Fphdc around the next 2 fpdc’s of Round 53 and skip the next 2 sc’s of Round 54. Hdc in the next 2 st’s of Round 54. Fphdc around the next 2 fpdc’s of Round 53 and skip the next 2 sc’s from Round 54* repeat

Row 56: Sc around
Row 57: Adapted version of row 33 of the original pattern.
*Ch 3 and sl st into the next ch-2 space from Round 53. This ch-2 space will be in front of your work and between front post groups. Ch 3, skip the next 3 st’s from Round 56 and sc in the next st from Round 56* Repeat. The last sc should fall in the second tr worked into the ch-2 spaces from row 56.

Row 58: Adapted version of row 34 of the original pattern.
*Hdc in the next 3 st’s from Round 56, make a bpsc around the next sc from Round 57, which will be at the top of the zigzag “hill”* repeat. Hdc in the next 3 st’s of Round 56. Hdc in the next st’s of round 57.

Row 59: hdc around
Row 60: hdc around


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  1. Thank you for your pattern, notices and photos which are very helpully. Cover looks amazing, It’s really great job, but I’m not sure what I have to do on the corners after row 36

  2. Anyone ever find out how the back was done ( how it was put together?) I’m in the middle of making the front now and realise I have no idea what to do when I finish crocheting

  3. I don’t see how you did the back in if you sewed it together. Size of needle, or if you use a zipper and add fabric to back?
    Beautiful idea…horrible delivery.

  4. How many yards of yarn did you use? Love this pattern! Perfect to make as a housewarming gift for a friend!

    1. Hi, I used one complete yarn cake, I put the link to the yarn in the materials section. Don’t know about the yards, but I think it’s stated on the page of the seller! x

  5. Dear Wilma,
    I´ve found your project on pinterest and I like your pattern very much. But my english for croched stitches is not good enough. I´ve reading that you living also in Germany. And here is my question to you: Can you translate your pattern in german? Love greetings from Austria sends to you Birgit

  6. Hi Wilma,
    I chose to make the pillow exactly like yours (it’s beautiful). I ordered the yarn, which was much finer than I expected and I’m wondering what size hook you used.

    1. Hi Liz, thanks so much! Sorry, I totally forgot to mention it in the pattern, will add it now! The hook size is 3.5mm (US term = E hook). Hope this helps! x

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