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How to make a stacked single crochet stitch (to replace the turning ch-3)

Create straight edges by replacing the 3 turning chains with stacked single crochet. A stacked single crochet consists of two single crochet stitches worked on top of each other. This eliminates the gap and creates neater edges when working double crochet stitches. The stacked single crochet can also be applied to other stitches, such as the half-double crochet. Scroll down for my photo and video tutorial.

Stacked Single Crochet - photo video tutorial

What is a Stacked Single Crochet?

When working double crochet stitches, the traditional method involves chaining 3 and turning your work. This results in a noticeable gap and uneven edges. The stacked single crochet is a technique to replace the 3 turning chains. Two single crochet stitches are worked on top of each other creating a similar appearance to a double crochet stitch.

Use the stacked single crochet technique to eliminate the gap and achieve neater edges. Although the stacked single crochet has the height of a double crochet, it works well as a replacement for the chain-2 in a half double crochet.

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Stacked Single Crochet method to replace the turning ch-3 and create neater edges

Photo + video tutorial

Step 1:

Instead of chaining three, you’ll work a single crochet in the first stitch. Do not make a turning chain.

Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial

Step 2:

Work another single crochet by inserting the hook into the left vertical bar of the previous single crochet.

That’s it! A simple way to create a stitch with the same height as a double crochet stitch.

Using stacked single crochet stitches instead of a turning chain-3 will result in neater edges for your projects.

End of tutorial.

Free pattern using this technique

Apply this technique live in action with my free Tulip Square Bum Bag pattern. The strap has beautiful straight edges, all thanks to this method.

Tulip Square Fanny Pack Bum Bag Lion Brand DIYGLOW - free crochet pattern

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