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10 unique gift ideas for crocheters – absolute must-haves in 2019!

Looking for a unique gift idea for your crochet friends or need some inspiration for your Christmas wish list? In this blog post I share 10 unique gift ideas for crocheters which are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day or any other gift-giving occasion. And the best part? All gifts are available on Etsy.com, a website for handmade items and craft supplies sold by independent sellers. This means you not only score the most unique handmade gifts, but you also support fellow makers and their small (family) businesses!

10 unique gifts for crocheters - ultimate list of gifts in 2019-2020

This post contains affiliate links and a two gifted products.

10 unique gift ideas for crocheters

1. Unique handcrafted crochet hooks from @DLfamilyWorkshop

Honestly the most beautiful crochet hooks I’ve ever seen. I was gifted a handmade wooden crochet hook with lavender flowers in the handle and I love how comfortable they are. These unique hooks are handmade by a lovely family from Russia. My hook arrived within 8 days (I’m located in Europe) and shipping takes about 16 days to the USA. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, because they often make new designs and their creations and photos will brighten up your day!

1. Little rose2. Lavender / 3. Fairy wand / 4. Leaf / 5. Elder wand / 6. Jewelry resin / 7. Snow queen / 8. Lava lamp

10 gifts for crocheters - unique handmade crochet hooks by DLfamilyworkshop

2. Hand dyed gradient yarns from @wollelfe

If you love gradient yarn cakes, you’re going to love this hand dyed yarn from Katrin. She really stands out from other dyers because of her unique gradient yarn cakes. She offers four blend options varying in price: merino pure, a superwash merino, merino twin which is perfect for sweaters and things that are washed very often, merino silk, a fluffy and shiny yarn which drapes really wonderful and has a nice sheen because of the silk content, and merino silk cashmere, a luxury yarn base which is very comfortable to skin contact. Shipping to the USA takes about 1-2 weeks. I was gifted two cakes: a Merino Red Cherry cake and Merino Silk Romance cake with which I made a scarf. Here are some of the favorite color options on my wish list:

1. Gloria Dei / 2. Fuego / 3. Cherry Chocolate / 4. Red Cherry / 5. Fresh / 6. Sea Glass / 7. Irish Moss / 8. Spruce

10 unique crochet gifts must-haves - hand dyed gradient yarn from wollelfe

3. Ball of Yarn Necklace by JacarandaDesigns

Jane is a jewelry designer from Canada and sells handcrafted jewelry. One of her unique designs is this necklace with sterling silver wire wound like a ball of yarn. This necklace is such a lovely gift for knitters and crocheters! Jane ships worldwide within 1-2 weeks.

ball of yarn necklace jewelry - unique crochet gift idea

4. Custom leather labels by Meroulo

If you make accessoires like hats, scarves, shawls, you definitely need some (leather) labels with your own name or logo. This will add a personal touch to your creations and makes it look more professional. Meroulo is an Etsy shop from Greece that sells laser cut and engraved tags. Everything can be customized: shapes, holes, design, dimensions.. You can also send them your own designs. They ship free to the USA and the estimated delivery is 2 weeks.

unique crochet gifts - leather labels with name or logo

5. Hand carved crochet hooks by @pinkplumeriamaui

Tonja is a crochet & knit designer who also sells carved crochet hooks. She uses Eucalyptus wood from the island of Maui and organic beeswax to give a smooth finish. All hooks have a variation of size and color as well shape. This makes each hook unique! She ships worldwide and the turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

hand carved crochet hook. Unique crochet gifts for crocheters

6. Personalized project bags & crochet hook bags by Kelly Connor

Kelly Connor from the UK owns an Etsy shop with gifts for knitters and crocheters. My eyes fell on her unique personalized crochet hook bags which will come in handy storing your stash of crochet hooks. She also sells project bags to storage your WIPs, and shopper bags with crochet-related quotes. She ships free to the USA with an expected delivery of 1-2 weeks.

1. Crochet hook bag | 2. Crochet hook bag ‘yarn’ | 3. Personalized crochet hook bag | 4. Shopper bag ‘crochet and be kind’ | 5. Customized shopper bag ‘big balls’ | 6. Customized shopper bag | 7. WIP project bag | 8. ‘big balls’ project bag | 9. Personalized project bag

unique crochet gifts - personalized crochet hook bags and crochet project bags

7. Personalized crochet hook by @woodpaperscissors

Lindsay from Wood Paper Scissors sells engraved wooden items from the UK. This bamboo crochet hook is engraved with ‘MOMMY’S HAPPY PLACE’ and can be personalized with your own name. Orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks to the USA.

Mummy's happy place crochet hook - unique gift

8. Funny crochet t-shirts by Peace & Blossom

Complete your look with this must-have for crocheters! Peace & Blossom is a shop from the USA with more than 60 crochet related t-shirts and each quote is available in many different color options. All t-shirts are ready to ship in 1–7 business days to the USA.

1. This is what an awesome crocheter looks like | 2. Stressed, blessed and crochet obsessed | 3. Yarnbeat

unique gifts for crocheters - funny crochet t-shirts

9. Crochet mugs by Gear2Inspire

Matthew from Florida sells 17 hilarious mugs with quotes all crocheters can relate to. Mugs make great gifts; you can also place additional gifts inside, such as candies, chocolates, coffee grounds or tea bags. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks to the USA.

1. Crocheting fuel | 2. I only crochet on days ending in ‘y’ | 3. Today’s forecast: 100% chance of coffee and crochet

Unique crochet gifts - crochet mugs

10. Personalized crochet pillow by Poppy And Petal

Poppy from the UK sells this hilarious pillow cover with the text ‘reserved for NAME & her crochet‘. It’s available in 16 colors and you can choose any name you like. A great gift for that special crochet friend or relative in your life – or yourself. This pillow measures 16″ x 16″ and the inner is not included as this helps to keep your shipping cost low. Estimated delivery is 1-2 weeks to the USA.

unique crochet gifts ideas - customized pillow with name

Share your ideas!

I hope you liked the unique gift ideas for crocheters I shared today. If you are a crocheter yourself, don’t forget to send this link to your friends – it will make both your lives easier. And if you have any other unique gift ideas, please share with us below in the comments. Let’s support other small businesses!

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  1. I just found this site and this is my first email I received. I think I’m in love already. Everything is so beautiful and they don’t look so awful hard to do which is what I’m looking for. I had a stroke and was finding it hard to crochet but now after keeping trying I think I’ve got my crocheting back. I enjoy it so much but I don’t want to tackle anything too hard as I get so discouraged when I find I can’t make something. I’ve started so many things only to end up ripping all out and trying something else. I’m working on an afghan now and it’s very simple so I’m really enjoying doing it.

  2. Wilma, you’re amazing! Such an inspiring person.. i also adore your crochet product!
    Keep it up, Wilma! Share your love, spirit and kindness through your beautiful crochet..

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