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We’re getting married in Las Vegas!

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In exactly three months Koen and I will be saying our “I DO’s”. Although we’re officially engaged since January, we have known for years that we want to get married on that specific day on a specific location: we are getting married in Las Vegas!

Why getting married in Las Vegas?

We were always on the same line in terms of marriage plans. We both did not want to throw a big party with all the hassle and arrangements that’s involved. We will get married for ourselves. A wedding abroad would be perfect for us – just with the two of us on a special location – as we both love to travel. A combined wedding and honeymoon 🙂

But why Las Vegas? It could of course have taken place everywhere. Personally, I am a huge fan of the USA. Always have been. Koen jokes that I was born in the wrong continent, so that we are getting married in the States, is obvious. Fifteen years ago my parents renewed their vows in Las Vegas which was very special. When I asked Koen if he would want to marry me there, he agreed.

Special wedding location

We first wanted to book a typical Wedding Chapel in Vegas, but soon we heard about a unique concept that fits us even better. It’s called a pop-up wedding, which means you can literally get married ANYWHERE: on a mountain, beautiful national parks such as Dry Lake Bed and Joshua Trees, on the street.. or on a roof top downtown Las Vegas! Yep, that’s right, we will get married on a roof top, at sunset, with views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountains in the distance.

Who will join?

Originally, the idea was just the two of us. But now 9 tickets have been booked: our parents and sisters are flying over too! Some of them had to get used to the idea, because a trip to the States (from Europe) isn’t quite nothing. For Koen’s family it will be the very first trip to the States! Very exciting 🙂

We look forward to our trip and the special day with family on November 30th!

A picture of my parents’ ‘wedding’ in Las Vegas. My sister and I were ‘bridesmaids’.

We're getting married in Las Vegas!



  1. Oh, Hun! I am so very thrilled for you and Koen. I wish you both many Happy, Joy-filled days in this new Chapter in your lives. Congratulations!

    Your Mother is a very lovely bride as well 🙂

    Can I just pause for a moment to say I am so inspired by you and your lovely heart?

    I am still planning our Vow Renewal. Have been since 2012. Almost everything is being handmade by myself.
    But things and illnesses have been working against us from the beginning. Now I am losing my vision and my hearing due to retriggering my Closed Head Traumatic Brain Injury. Now without a car or money. I have not been able to wear my own wedding rings since 2010 due to my Chronic Inflammation from my Hidden Chronic Autoimmune Diseases. I have gone from a size 5 to a size 9. Breaks my heart, but I know that Life is more valuable than things. We are much older than you both. I am 46 and he is 54. We have celebrated a hard rough 14 years together this year. But with lots of love, compassion and at times forgiveness, we will continue to be until the good Lord decides He needs us back one day <3

    I would love to snail mail you a handmade card by myself. Need your address, Please 🙂 Perhaps we can be Pen Pals that Crochet.

  2. It’s already mid- November as I send my love to you and your amazing groom!
    My little sister did the same thing you all are planning, & my husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, although we were stuck together like glue from our first meeting over 23 years ago!
    So, here’s what I want you to know, sis….. most couples get married on a lavish scale, but my personal experience has been that those who choose the ‘no muss, no fuss’ weddings (we did ours in a courthouse with 2 others present), are the couples that seem to be marrying for ALL the right reasons!!
    Be thankful, stay humble, love each other with wild abandon, and live happily ever after!!

  3. The count down is on now, soon you will be a beautiful bride with your handsome Groom. I wish you two all the blessings that anyone can give you. Be true, be fun, be together, and most of all, just be in love. I am so very happy for you both. Be safe in your travels and post a lot of pictures.

  4. Muchísimas Felicidades. Que sean felices por siempre. Eres una excelente chica y harás un matrimonio muy bonito.

  5. Congratulations on your marriage. Next time you come to the states you must come to Oregon. Its beautiful here. We have deserts, mountains, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, big cities and ghost towns. You can even stay in tree houses if you like!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! The nice thing about the US is whatever kind of activity/environment your family enjoys can probably be found here. My favorite place to renew our vows would be in the Carthage-Branson, Missouri area. We could see the Precious Moments Chapels, (hmmm, renew our vows there?), take in some shows in Branson, relax by Taneykomo or Beaver Lake, and even take a trip down to Blanchard Springs Caverns, a set of “living” caves protected by the National Forest Service. That would be heaven for us. And Branson always has their downtown Christmas Parade the first weekend in December…I almost forgot that. I know, not high class, but it does give one Warm Fuzzies like wrapped in a nice shawl with a hot cup with the family…

  7. Las Vegas is very exciting, bright and loud and full of life – you will all have a wonderful, unforgettable time. Congratulations! xo

  8. Congratulations! That’s amazing news! My son and his new wife just got married in an AirBnB on the side of a mountain in Vermont (we’re from Canada)…just 9 immediate family members and 12 friends. it was PERFECT!! so much love and no hassles or drama …it was the best wedding i have ever been a part of and the couple were so happy.
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy – wishing you love & happiness always!

  9. Wow, how special! And having family at your wedding makes it warm and even more special. Wishing you and Koen the happiest day of your life !

  10. That is so awesome! My husband and I felt the same way about our wedding, so we were married in Vegas, too! You will have a blast, I’m sure!

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